Outreach Programs

Hosanna House

Hosanna House, Inc. is a multi-purpose community center serving over 35,000 people a year. Being a force for positive change, we persevere through prayer and hard work to provide families and individuals with hope and quality health and human services.  Our mission is to provide opportunities that will empower families and individuals to discover, acknowledge and develop their maximum potential physically, spiritually and economically.

Our Musikgarten certified choral educator leads  a toddler and preschool program encompassing the Musikgarten curriculum and aspects of Kodaly. The class focuses on development through music, and includes exercises for dexterity, balance and impulse control. Three classes are offered on Wednesdays.

Hope Academy

Hope Academy of Music and the Arts – Founded in 1999 to bring arts to children and youth in our community, Hope Academy of Music and the Arts offers a safe place where young people of diverse ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds can further their personal and artistic growth through the study and performance of theater, dance and music.

Music Discovery is a new Kodaly-based music and movement class for five and six year olds. This program will use multicultural folk songs, musical games, creative movement and simple percussion instruments to give students a solid foundation in musical concepts. In this holistic, process–oriented class, students will naturally develop their first instrument – the voice/body. Parents will join the students for the last ten minutes of class, providing an opportunity to experience the fun of creating music together. This class will prepare students for future instrumental or choral studies.