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Sun, Moon, and Stars

Saturday, May 5 | 2:00pm - Monday, May 7 | 3:30pm


Event Details

Via Tour Schedule

Sunday, May 6 | 10:30AM, Service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oakmont

Sunday, May 6 | 4:00PM, Concert at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Mt. Lebanon

Monday, May 7  | 11:30AM, Masterclass at Shadyside Presbyterian Church

Monday, May 7 | 2:00PM, In-School Performance at PUCS

The Program

Woke up This Mornin’
African-American Spiritual
Arr. Rollo Dilworth

Canto De Pilon
Venezuelan Work Song
Arr. Cristian Grases

Zum Gali Gali
Israeli Folk Song
Arr. Dan Schwartz

For the Beauty of the Earth
Text: F. S Pierpoint
Music: John Rutter

Japanese Folk Song
Arr. Linda Steen Spevacek

Text: Laura Richards
Music: Jay Broeker

A Distant Shore
Text: English Folk Song
Original Text and Music: Mary Donnelly
Arr. George L. O. Strid

All You Need is Love
Words and Music: John Lennon and Paul McCartney
Arr. Alan Billingsley

Something Told the Wild Geese
Text: Rachel Field
Music: Sherri Porterfield

Snowflakes Dance
Text and Music: Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram

Skylark and Nightingale
Text: Christina Rossetti
Music: Audrey Snyder

Sure on This Shining Night
Text: James Agee
Music: Samuel Barber


Original watercolor art by Suganya Rajendran