Sing for Service 2021

Click the DONATE button below to be directed to our “Sing for Service” GoFundMe page. If you are sponsoring a chorister and/or an assisted living facility, please include their name in the comment line after selecting a donation amount.

Our mission:

At Pittsburgh Girls Choir, we believe that performance is service. Our mission is to bring beauty to others, and every year since our founding, our choristers have brought our music to people whose health or other difficulties make it hard for them to come to our concerts.    

This past year has been terribly challenging for older members of our community, exposed to a deadly disease which comes with a special cruelty in depriving many of contact with their family, friends and the wider world.  

It hasn’t been great for choirs, either. Song is produced by the forceful expulsion of air to produce sound, and choirs by definition are singers grouped together to sing. In a time of airborne pandemic, choral singing is dangerous – potentially lethal – and that has forced us to cancel live performances and rehearsals and look for other ways to join our voices to bring the beauty of our songs to Pittsburgh and the world.   

And yet, with great determination not to abandon a tradition which sets Pittsburgh Girls Choir apart as a choral program devoted to service in the community, we’re excited that we’ve found a way to continue Sing for Service this year. Our choirs will be sharing our digital spring concert with nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities not just in Pittsburgh but throughout the United States.    

But we need your support to make it happen, and make sure it continues to happen. 

The value of our choral program is shared by our choristers themselves, who especially in this hard year have found companionship, a common love of music, and the inspiration of women’s leadership in the performing arts.

That value is shared with the people of Pittsburgh, and through our national and international tours and recordings available without charge on YouTube, with people across the country and around the world. 

And with your help, it can be shared with your older relatives and neighbors, people who have suffered in this terrible year, and who well deserve whatever kindness and beauty we can bring them.