Registration (Spring 2022)

Registration for the 2021-2022 season is open!

UPDATE: August 4, 2021 — Due to growing concerns regarding the Covid-19 Delta variant, PGC is providing both in-person and virtual rehearsal options for the fall season. These options are available to members of Melodia, Harmonia and Via ONLY. Parents will select one of the options from below and fill out a “Rehearsal Option” form that will be provided at the beginning of September.

***At any point, parents can transition to fully virtual.

  • Option #1: 100% in person on Tuesdays (limited to 10)
  • Option #2: 100% virtual on Wednesdays
  • Option #3: Hybrid – 50% in-person and 50% virtual – will be pre-assigned
  • Option #4: Singer can do both 100% in-person rehearsals and 100% virtual rehearsals (no additional cost)

There will be two brief informational/Q&A zoom sessions with Director, Kathryn Barnard, to review the above options: Tuesday September 7th at 7:30pm and Wednesday September 8th at 7:30pm. A zoom link will be emailed to parents next month.

All new singers should schedule a meet-and-greet or audition prior to completing a registration form. For more information regarding auditions, please click here.

Please read through the PGC Handbook 2021-2022 prior to registering.  Please reference our Sliding Scale Tuition rates. Spring registrations are 60% of the rate for the full season.

In order to make use of the sliding scale, income must be verified during the registration process. All other tuition levels are considered reduced tuition and must be verified with the most recent 1040, line 7b on 2019 tax returns.  All income documents will be destroyed upon verification.

*Following your registration, you will receive an emailed invoice in August requesting tuition payment.   

**Chamber Choir registration is by invitation only. Please make sure to fill out the “Chamber Choir + Concentio Registration” form if you anticipate singing with both groups. Please also reference the “Chamber Choir + Concentio” sliding scale when choosing the appropriate tuition amount. 

Chamber Choir + Concentio Registration Click Here (Invitation Only) 

Concentio and Via Registration Click Here

Melodia and Harmonia Registration Click Here