Core Values

We believe in:


  • Making it possible for all girls to join regardless of socioeconomic status by providing a sliding scale tuition as well as additional need-based scholarship
  • Finding a place for every girl at every skill level
  • Providing equal opportunities for all regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background

Girls-only Education

  • Meeting the social, emotional, intellectual, and artistic needs of girls
  • Nurturing leadership skills in every girl

Artistic Excellence

  • Transforming the lives of girls through the power and beauty of choral singing
  • Performing music at the highest level of each choir’s potential

Music Education

  • Providing a sequential Kodaly-based curriculum focusing on ear training and literacy
  • Cultivating a girl-friendly learning environment which enables each girl to reach her highest potential


  • Facilitating the creation of a safe community of mutual respect and encouragement within each choir by adhering to the Honor Code created by senior choristers, staff and board
  • Reaching out to the community of Pittsburgh, our state, country and the world through concerts, other events and social interactions


  • Supporting girls as they work to create something more beautiful together than any one of them can create on her own
  • Collaborating with other youth programs and professional artists in Pittsburgh


  • Older girls mentor younger girls modeling healthy relationships and discipline
  • Giving older choristers responsibility for helping to execute the Honor Code


  • Teaching choristers that performance is not about self-glorification, but an act of service to audiences
  • Performing annually for several Senior Care facilities